Free School Meals

Dear Parent / Carer

Firstly if you think you may be entitled to free school meals please apply online here.  The online form is much quicker than filling in forms and gets the results into the system at a much earlier date.

You may have previously received vouchers from Rochdale Borough Council over half-terms and holidays because your child receives income based free school meals and/or receives support from Children’s Services.

We’re writing to inform you that, as of February half-term, we will be sending these vouchers on behalf of the council. By the 18th February, we will send these to your email address and mobile number (if you only have one of these, it will just go to the one we have), or we will print them out and provide them to you if we do not have relevant contact details.

If your email address or mobile number has changed, and is different to the one we have on record, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can update these at 

Please use the following instructions to access your voucher:

How to access your voucher (step by step instructions) – EVouchers

The following FAQs may also be of use:

Free School Meal voucher FAQ's – EVouchers

If you have any issues that cannot be resolved using the information above, you can contact Evouchers on Once we have sent the vouchers, if you believe that the vouchers have been sent to an incorrect mobile or email, please contact the school on

Yours faithfully,


Mrs J Langley