Children and young people spend a great deal of time online. This can be an excellent way for them to learn, explore, socialise and have fun.

However, the online world is not without its dangers and children do face online risks such as cyberbullying and inappropriate content. For this reason, it’s important that they are aware of how to stay safe online, which is something Kingsway Park High School tries to deliver through its curriculum. This is also why, as a school, we use a range of features to ensure that these risks are minimized, and that monitoring can detect issues that do arise.

Unfortunately, research has shown over 80% of internet use takes place outside of schools and on a wide range of devices including phones, tablets, laptops and games consoles. Policing this environment at home can seem like an impossible and daunting task however you don’t need to be an expert on the internet or the digital world to help protect your child(ren) online.

To assist in this task, Kingsway Park High School plans to use this section of the school website to provide help and information on staying safe online that can be used at home.

Guides to all online platforms