Easter School Year 11 Timetable

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News - 27 March 2024

As the summer’s GCSE exams begin, we aim to provide as much support to our Year 11 students as
possible. We will be running an Easter provision for students in certain subjects.

Students have been informed by their individual subject teachers regarding the sessions. The full
school timetable is below.

Students have been invited into these sessions as preparation for the summer exams. Upon arrival at
school all students will be registered at school reception. Only students on the registers can enter
school to take part in these sessions. It is each student's responsibility to ensure that they arrive
promptly for the correct sessions.

Students have been instructed to complete their own Easter school timetable and to check all the
details with their subject teachers.

Once in school, our expectations remain the same as they would during term time. Any students not
meeting expectations in terms of conduct will be asked to leave the session, escorted to reception, and
signed out for the day. We will inform you if such a decision is made.

As this provision is during the school holidays, we will not be offering any catering services. Students
may bring their own food, water etc., but they must abide by their teachers' instructions and ensure
that they are responsible and keep school clean and tidy.

If there are any questions regarding Easter school, please get in touch by email at

Easter School Timetable