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Face-to-face education in school is important in helping students to fulfil their potential. At Kingsway Park High School, we believe students should be in class with their teachers and peers and enjoy the benefits that brings. Being in school every day is so important to child's achievement, wellbeing and wider development. Parents and carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child receives a high-quality education, achieved through consistent school attendance. 


How to report student absence

Attendance is key to safeguarding your child and reporting absence is essential in us working together to safeguard your child. Should your child be absent for any reason, you must immediately call the Attendance Officer on 01706 716 763 to report any absence. There is the option to leave a voicemail. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the reason for the absence including your child's name, form group, how long they will be absent for, why they will be absent and send in any proof of absence such as medical notes to You can expect a call from a member of staff every day that you child is absent from school. If you have informed school of your child's absence but they have not attended school up to 5 days in a row, you can expect a home visit from a member of staff. If you have not informed school of your child's absence and they have not attended school up to 3 days in a row, you can expect a home visit from a member of staff. 


Expected attendance

At KPHS, we strive for every student to have 100% attendance and expect 97% of attendance. 


Persistently Absent students - Concerning 

Student attendance becomes a concern when it dips below the expected 97%. When student attendance begins to near 90%, parents and carers can expect a call from the Attendance team, Head of Year, Safeguarding team or SEND team to invite you in for a meeting to discuss your child's attendance with a view to supporting you and your child in improving the attendance. Your child will be classed as a Persistently Absent student. 


Severely Absence students - Critically concerning

Student attendance becomes critical, and a safeguarding issue, when attendance is below 50%. If your child's attendance is this low, they will be classed a Severely Absent student and we must work together to put an attendance plan. The attendance plan aims to identify any barriers in attendance, provide support to break down these barriers and agree actions for improving attendance. This is reviewed on a fortnightly basis. Failure to improve attendance whilst on the plan will result in the plan being escalated to the year group Senior Leadership staff member. 


Here is how days and hours of learning your child will miss for every absence. 


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