The Newcomer

Just before half term, a group of our INA students took part in a workshop with theatre director, actor and writer, Joyce Branagh. This was organised through Oldham Coliseum Theatre, with whom Kingsway Park High School have a close relationship and collaborated with several times.

The students discovered the story of Zofia, a nurse in Rochdale for nearly 40 years, who came to Oldham in 1952 after a difficult childhood in Poland.

Through games and discussions, the students explored the issues of what a community is and how Zofia may have felt moving to a new country as such a young child.

70 years later, the students, all originating from other countries, spoke of their own experiences of starting a new life in a new place. They explored positives and negatives; differences, surprises, how life is easier and perhaps how it is more difficult also.

‘Very pleasing’ was how the students praised school, appreciating their education and the help and support they have been given.

Well done to our students for being so enthusiastic.

Thank you to Joyce for working with our students, a big thank you to Ben Cain and Oldham Coliseum Theatre for taking a workshop with the students and for inviting us to take part in this interesting, relevant project.


The Newcomer

INA Students taking part in the workshop with actor and writer Joyce Branagh

The Newcomer

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