Kingsway Park High School provides healthy and high-quality meals for students, staff and visitors.

We are passionate about healthy eating. Our meals are fresh, wholesome and nutritious. They are enjoyable, well-presented and also reasonably priced. We recognise that eating well during the school day is crucial for improving the health, wellbeing and academic performance of our students. A healthy school meal is an integral part of the school day and is integral to the success of our students.

Our staff are highly skilled and well-trained. They are qualified in food production and allergen awareness. They are able to help students make informed choices and educate students about food and lifestyle.

Our restaurant is modern, bright and a pleasant place to eat. As well as serving school meals and snacks, the restaurant also caters for events, parents’ evenings, meetings and many other special functions.

Key Objectives

All students receive a free breakfast of toast or cereal

Fresh water and juice are free to students and available at all times

A wide selection of hot and cold food, including paninis, breakfast wraps, sandwiches and fruit, is available at break time

The lunch time menu is varied and nutritious, and reviewed regularly. A vegetarian option is available every day

Food is cooked on-site using fresh, seasonal and where possible locally-sourced produce

Salt and fat are limited in cooking. Salt is not available at serving counters, in order to encourage a healthier diet for students

Food Content

No genetically modified materials are ever knowingly used

No mechanically recovered meat products are used

Meals for specific diets are provided on request, after the input of professional advice and training of staff

No additives or food colourings are used in homemade dishes

Additives of animal origin are not used as they are not suitable for those on a vegetarian or halal diet

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