Dear Parent/Carer,

At Kingsway Park High School we are committed to providing a World Class Learning Experience for all our students. We have high expectations and encourage our students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their education. Arriving on time for school is one aspect of this and is essential for your child to maximise their learning and reach their full potential.

School starts at 8.20am each day. The school restaurant is open from 7.50am for any student who wishes to have breakfast free of charge. It is essential that you ensure that your child arrives at school by 8.15am every day, so they have sufficient time to get to their tutor group ready to learn.

We are writing to emphasise the importance of being in school on time as there have been numerous occasions of students routinely arriving at school after 8.30am.

We place strong emphasis on good punctuality and will reward those students who regularly arrive on time. However, from Monday 17th April 2023 there will be sanctions for students who arrive late to school without good reason.

Late catch ups will be held on a Monday after school. Students will be expected to complete 15 minutes for each day they are late in the previous week. For example, if a student is late 3 days to school in a week, they will be expected to complete 45 minutes after school the following Monday. Parents/Carers will be informed by text if their child has a catch up.

While most of our student community do arrive in school on time, we would ask parents and carers to support us in maintaining good punctuality by ensuring that your child gets up in plenty of time to be ready and prepared for school; ensuring that your child has organised their bag and equipment the night before and discussing any issues of lateness to ensure it does not become a habit.

Good punctuality to school helps students achieve their full educational potential.

If you have any queries regarding this letter or need support with your child’s punctuality, please contact me at the school on 01706 716761.

Thank you as always for your support.

Yours faithfully,

Kind regards,




Paul Burns
Pastoral Manager




Simon Ward

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