Mock Results Information and Guidance

Mock Results Information and Guidance

January 2023

Dear Parent/ Carer,

On the 23rd of January 2023 our Year Eleven students will get the results of their recent Mock Exams. As this is the last full term in school before the final GCSE examinations commence it's vital that we all pull together to maximise every student's chance of personal success.

We all know that success is individual. That's why Kingsway Park staff work tirelessly to ensure that every single student has the knowledge, skills and character to be able to cope with the rigour of external examinations.

We know that there'll be many students delighted with their Mock Results. Similarly, it's likely that some students will be disappointed.

Our message to all students is the same: Every student can, and should, improve. Every student can make a massive difference between now and the final exams.

Following our students’ receipt of their Mock Grades they will complete a reflection and personal target setting activity. This is to allow them to consider their attainment thus far and what is now needed to boost their GCSE outcomes.

Parents & Carers play a vital role in GCSE success. There are lots of websites offering advice and strategies to support students. Please make time to visit one or more of the websites listed as you look to guide your child over the coming months.

Please also note that our Year Eleven parents' evening will follow the Mock Results day and has been calendared for the 26th of January 2023.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J Tootill (Assistant Head teacher)

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