Letter to Parents – Year 10 Work Experience

7th February 2022

Dear parent/carer,

Year 10 Work Experience

Kingsway Park High School is offering work experience to year 10 students and this will take place between Monday 4th July and Friday 8th July 2022 inclusive.  We feel that our young people have shown great resilience during the last year, but they have also missed out on a range of developmental milestones and preparation for their futures. The opportunity to participate in a high-quality work experience is an incredibly valuable part of preparation for year 11 and providing young people with:

  • increased self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence.
  • increased motivation to continue study and/or undertake further training.
  • an understanding of the work environment and what employers expect of their workers.
  • an opportunity to explore possible career options.
  • a better understanding of how the school curriculum can help prepare young people for work.
  • enhanced opportunities for part-time and casual employment.
  • the opportunity to include the employer's work experience evaluation in future job and course applications.
  • opportunities to develop work-related competencies and acquire skills.
  • the chance to 'try out' a workplace.

Through our partnership with Positive Steps (https://www.positive-steps.org.uk/), all work experience placements will be checked for all aspects of health and safety but also to ensure Covid-19 risk assessments are followed for the protection of our students and all others in the work places they attend.

If you DO NOT wish for your child to take part in this experience, please contact the undersigned to discuss in further detail.  Please complete the attached form with details of the placement or indicate if you are unable to source a placement.  We may be able to provide a small number of placements for students but these will only be offered in extreme circumstances. To support students with their post 16 choices and career opportunities, it would be most beneficial if they were able to source a placement linked to their area of interest.   This information is required by Friday 25 March 2022, please return to Miss Ozluk in G38.

Yours faithfully,

Miss L Ozluk
Careers Mentor


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