Letter to Parents – Y11 PROM

March 2023


Dear Parent / Carer

As we are getting nearer to the end of your child’s time here at Kingsway Park High, we are beginning to look forward to what their experience as ‘Leavers’ will look like.

We have PROM booked for Friday 7th July 2023 at The Bella Vista (Milnrow). This is a lovely, scenic location and a venue that we have used for a number of years.

In order for students to be allowed to attend PROM there are a number of expectations. Students will be bringing home ‘Passport to PROM!’. Between now and the end of their time here at Kingsway Park they are asked to achieve 40 signatures (which amounts to 40 hours of preparation time for their exams) from staff when they have shown they have gone above and beyond. This includes:

· Producing quality revision resources for different subject areas.

· Attending extra revision classes - Morning / After school GCSE+

· Attending Easter school sessions. (Students will have brought a letter home on Monday with their report inviting them to these sessions).

We expect co-operation and commitment through:

· 95% attendance as a minimum from now on.

· No punctuality sanctions. Students should be in school by 8.20 every day.

· No suspensions or REFLECT.

If your child does not adhere to these expectations, they will not be able to purchase a ticket or attend.

We hope that every Year 11 student will wish to attend, with the help of my PROM committee I am planning a fantastic experience for all.


Yours faithfully


Susan Suthers-Latif

Head of Year 11



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