Y11 Parent 24 May 2022

Dear Y11 Parent,

I am writing to let you know how proud I am of Y11; they have been extremely focused and are trying hard with their exams, following expectations and taking part in all the extra revision classes and catch up sessions we have put on. This exam series has been a huge thing to face after the disruption caused by the pandemic – and without even seeing their peers go through it last year, they have really displayed immense maturity throughout.

They do continually ask me for Study Leave of course (!) – and we are not able to give them this until it is absolutely clear that there is no benefit to them being in school with their teachers which is still a way away. I will confirm a date for this with you all after half term – but it may come quickly as we progress through more of the bigger exams, so do look out for it!

However – I do think that the guidelines allow me some leeway this Friday, as they do have half term to work through and we have a full day with them on the first Monday back before exams start again – so I am going to reward them by allowing them to leave after their Chemistry exam on Friday of this week. This is Y11 only – all other students will  still be in school until the normal time – and those sitting the Computer Science exam in the afternoon will of course need to stay in.  However, all other Y11 students will be allowed to leave site mid-morning, on completion of their exam this Friday (27th).

Please do continue to let them know how well they are doing, and wherever possible to keep using their time well this half term – short bursts of focussed revision work better than very long periods. Staying in a good sleep routine is essential over the holiday too – early nights and a fairly consistent wake-up time will help them cope with the return to exams after half term.

As ever, if you have any questions, please do get in touch,

Yours faithfully





Mrs J Langley



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