Letter to Parents – Easter

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you as always for your support through another full term of school! The students are tired but have done incredibly well with the pace of expectation this term, especially Y11 who are gearing up now for their exams this summer.

Please be aware that when we come back after Easter, all year groups will begin preparation for their summer exams, and the outcomes of these will inform the planning for next year, the setting and curriculum arrangements etc, so it is important that they apply themselves fully to this process.

For now though I will confine myself to letting you all know that they can also wear their summer polo shirts after Easter, in place of shirt and tie (they must still have their blazers and proper footwear etc) – and that May 3rd is an INSET day, to coincide with Eid, in hopes that this will allow all those of you celebrate to do so together on the day without worrying about the students missing any lessons.

Today we have a staggered finish:

Y7-9 at 12.10pm

Y10 at 1.10pm and

Y11 at the usual time

And we will see you all in two weeks, usual time on Monday 25th April! I do hope you are all able to enjoy the fortnight together and have some much needed rest.

Yours faithfully


Mrs J Langley

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