Letter to Parents – Dated 18 Feb 2022

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to thank you all for your support this half term as always and to let you know that as we get closer to “normality” again we will be returning to our usual uniform expectations after half term (any jumper not a plain blue one will be confiscated, no coats in school, no trainers – etc). Please can you support us with this by making sure that the students have their uniform, shoes, school bag etc ready for when we come back.

We are also going to return to assemblies as normal after half term, so do please remind the students to be on time so they don’t miss any key messages.

Additionally, this week, please can I take this opportunity to let you all know that there are a number of local sources for young people to buy e-cigarettes at the moment (information we will of course share with police) - and it has certainly become more common in recent weeks. From my point of view as a teacher and a mum this worries me because they are not cheap, the long-term effects remain uncertain and in all ways they are not a good use of a young person’s time or money. The best way you can check whether your son or daughter is falling in with this trend is to check their phone regularly. To do this you need to get them to unlock their phone for you, click on the snapchat icon and show you the chats; you can then click through each name and see what kinds of messages they are exchanging. You can also look in their camera roll to see if there are any images in there of e-cigarettes (or anything else that worries you!) as they may have been sent the images by people trying to sell them the “vape pens”. It matters a great deal that we all work together to safeguard our young people and make sure they are not susceptible to those who do not always do the right thing by them.

Finally, for now, I do hope that you are able to have some quality time with family during the half term, and that the weather improves a little! We are looking forward to seeing all the students back here after the break,

Yours Faithfully,


Mrs J Langley

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