Letter to Parents – 4 Jan 22

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope that you are all well and have been able to enjoy the break safely with family and friends. We are looking forward to seeing the students back as always and hopeful that we can maintain the delivery and engagement of last term, despite the ever-changing circumstances we find ourselves in!

Firstly, a reminder of the slightly staggered return this week to facilitate testing:

Students in Year 11 may attend the Sports Hall to be tested by our team on 12-2pm on Tuesday 4th January. They should return to school as usual on Wednesday 5th Jan.

Students in Year 7-8 can attend the Sports Hall to be tested by our team 9-11am on Wednesday 5th January. They should return to school as usual on Thursday 6th Jan.

Students in Year 9-10 can attend the Sports Hall to be tested by our team 12-2pm on Wednesday 5th January. They should return to school as usual on Thursday 6th Jan.

If you have not given consent previously for your child to be tested you will need to accompany them on the day of testing please. 

Your child can test at home if you prefer and have tests. Please continue testing twice per week this term, this is especially important at the moment given the faster spread of the Omicron variant. If your child has a positive test, or has any symptoms, please keep them at home and follow the national guidance or get in touch with us and we will advise you.

Secondly, a plea from me – we have arranged for plain blue jumpers (no logos) to be available via Parentpay and they are very reasonably priced. As we will need to have windows open again this term, the extra layer is important. You do not need to buy one from us, however, we will not be allowing any jumpers with logos, any hoodies, or any colour other than blue, as we do find that standards slip when we don’t insist on the highest uniform standards, so please support us with this.

Thirdly, you will know that students in secondary schools are being asked to wear masks again unless exempt. If your child is exempt they will already have one of our discreet blue pins – if you believe they are exempt and do not have a blue pin, you can get in touch with your child’s Head of Year or Year Manager to arrange one. For all others, masks should be worn and they will be asked to do so repeatedly throughout the day; while I know there are differing views on the appropriacy of this, it is considerate to wear one regardless of your view, and the request is to be reviewed by government at the end of January.

You can find links to the latest guidance, a letter from our local Director of Children’s services and helpful resources from the main page on our website, and you can always give us a call with any questions. I have emailed all students on their school email address also with these reminders – I know how hard it is being mum or dad and having to remember everything yourself! I am keeping everything crossed for a full face-to-face offer throughout this term, and for cases to remain as manageable as they were last term for us. You can help us with this by keeping them home if they are unwell, following the guidance and keeping in touch!

Best wishes for now,


Mrs J Langley

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