Letter to Parents – 3rd February 2023

February 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am sad to inform you that earlier this week, a student at Kingsway Park High school was involved in a road traffic accident on leaving school at the end of the day. Whilst the student is safe and well, I am writing to ask for the support of our whole school community in ensuring that all our students arrive at school and return home safely.

I appreciate that our school is located on a busy through road and like most schools there is no designated parking or waiting areas for students who attend Kingsway Park High School, however it will take the support from everyone to ensure that all our students are safe.

To support the safety of students arriving or leaving school, staff at the school will:

  • Be on duty outside the school, providing advice to students on the safe crossing points.
  • During assemblies and tutor time this week, we will be informing students of the safe crossing points to access and exit the school building, and discussing with them safe walking routes.
  • Restricting entry to the school car park to parents and carers from 6th February 2023 at the start and the end of the school day.

We are asking parents and carers to support us with the following:

  • Encourage and support your child in walking or cycling to school where this is possible. Fewer parents and carers driving to school and less cars in the area at the start and end of the school day will go a long way to ensuring student safety.
  • If you do take the decision to drive your child to school, please ensure that you park your car considerately and away from the school. Safe street parking can be found near Gordon Rigg Garden Centre. This is no more than a ten-minute walk to school, parents/carers can then cross at the pedestrian crossing on Kingsway.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will the school allow access to the main parking area e.g., transport arrangements for students with disabilities. These will be agreed in advance and parents who need to park on the school grounds will be given a permit to display in their vehicles.

Please do not attempt to stop and drop your child off in the following areas:

  • The car park outside the main school entrance. We ask that you support our school staff team in implementing this.
  • Vehicles must not park in our school grounds and wait for students.
  • On Turf Hill Road where the yellow zig zag markings are a warning to motorists not to stop in this area. Cars stopping here will block the students view of oncoming traffic.
  • On Turf Hill Road parents do not park on grass verges/outside residents houses. Where there are single yellow lines, this indicates that there should be no waiting or stopping.

We will be working with the local police and highways officers to support the enforcement of the above to ensure that students are able to enter and exit the school site safely.

It is only through our collective responsibility that we can ensure that we tackle this problem together. Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Simon Ward

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