Letter to Parents – 18 July 2022

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Here we are at the end of a year which has seen unprecedented challenges for students, staff, and parents.

I would like to thank you for your support, patience and acceptance of all the changes that have been implemented to ensure the young people have continued to learn and develop over the year.

Last day arrangements

Students will finish school on Thursday 21st July at 12:10pm. They will have their timetabled lessons during the morning and a celebration assembly where they will be rewarded for their achievements this term. As such they will need to attend school in usual full school uniform.

September 2022 Expectations

In order that we can return in September, well-prepared and refreshed, please can I ask that you ensure your child adheres to the following information: -


Uniform standards are particularly important for the school, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us in ensuring our students look as smart possible. As always though, it is worth remembering the following: -

- Plain white shirt (long or short sleeve)

- A plain navy V neck jumper or cardigan can be worn (No logos) this does not replace a blazer.

- Plain black pleated skirt

- Black tights or socks

- For students who wear a headscarf this must be plain black.

- Plain black full-length trousers (no leggings, jeggings, jeans, capri pants or flares)

- Plain black shoes (plain black ankle boots may also be worn). No trainers or sports brand shoes.


- 1 pair of earing studs and a watch

- 1 small plain nose stud (no other facial piercings are allowed)

- Smart, professional hairstyle and colour, no extreme patterns, styles or colours.

- Natural makeup maybe worn, but no false eye lashes.

Punctuality and Attendance

We need you to continue with your support in ensuring your child attends the school every day. Now, more than ever, attendance is the key to ensuring students access the exciting lessons we have planned to increase their life chances. A Department of Education Report highlights that, ‘… pupils with no absence are 2.2 times likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs grade 5-9 or equivalent and 2.8 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs grades 5-9 or equivalent including English and Mathematics, than pupils missing 15-20% of Key Stage 4 lessons.’ Please be mindful that all holidays will be classed as unauthorised absences, if taken during term time. It is our duty to refer cases to the Local Authority when a student goes on holiday during term time and the Local Authority may well

issue a fixed penalty notice to parents and carers. We will, as always, continue to support all students and will meet their individual needs. Please contact the school to discuss any issues you may have around the attendance of your child. In Year 11, students must achieve at least 95% attendance to be able to attend the Prom.

We believe that our students should be punctual and should arrive before 8.20am, this will help prepare them for arriving on time for work in the future. Students who do not arrive on time will be issued with a twenty minute late detention.


Our expectations of student conduct exist to ensure that every student can benefit from a high-quality education, feel safe and are able to thrive. Disruption and defiance, even at low-levels, interrupt learning and can have a negative impact on other students. At KPHS we expect 100% from all our students in everything they do and as such we have updated our behaviour system to reflect this. The overarching aim of our new Behaviour Policy is to promote positive behaviour, to ensure our students can grow into safe, polite, and responsible adults and to allow them to learn in a calm environment. This policy will be available to view on our website in September.

First day back

School will reopen for students after the summer break in September on the following days:

New Year 7 only  -  Monday 5th September

Years 8-11  -  Tuesday 6th September


Once again, thank for your continued support over the past academic year. I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful summer break.

Yours faithfully


Shelley Barlow

Acting Headteacher

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