Altus Monthly Update – No. 6

Dear All,

I hope you are well and had an enjoyable half-term.

This month’s update contains information on: the Altus strategic plan consultation (your views are wanted!), Spring is sprung, and a few quizzes.


Altus strategic plan consultation
I’m currently re-writing the strategic plan for the Trust. Put simply, the plan is a statement about what we want to achieve, and how we will go about achieving it. As part of this process, I am consulting with key partners in the borough (students, staff, parents/carers, schools, colleges, the LA, etc.) on the content of the plan and asking them (i.e. you!) for comments and suggestions.
Even if you don’t have time to read through the whole plan, please have a look at our mission and vision statements which should give you a flavour of what we’re about.
Mission: To advance education in the borough of Rochdale so that young people go on to live happy and fulfilling lives and make positive differences to their communities and society.
Vision: To create an inclusive and cohesive system of education in the area that improves the lives of everyone in the borough.
The Altus Trust Board will receive the final plan for approval on the 12th July.
Please send any comments by the end of this month to my email address at the bottom of this message.



Spring is sprung*
The fresh and intoxicating smell of newly-mown grass. The sight of hawthorn hedges with blossom over-spilling like champagne from an over-shaken bottle. And ducklings aplenty at EWA (thanks to Becky Worth at EWA for her picture) and goslings (baby geese) at RSFC (please be careful not to get too close – geese are very territorial!)

*And (at least one version of) the poem I found myself referencing in the above sub-heading:
Spring has sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder where the boidies is?
The boid is on the wing,
But that’s absoid
From what I hoid
The wing is on the boid!
Anon (it should all make sense if you read this out-loud in a strong New York accent!)



A few quizzes

Click on these links for the BBC and Guardian news quizzes. And click here for some maths puzzles.

Please take care of yourselves and one another. And always feel free to email me or just say hello next time I’m at your academy.

With very best wishes and great pride,

Richard Ronksley

Chief Executive Officer

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Tel: 01706 769800

Twitter: @AltusEducation


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