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Dear Parents/Carers

As we start a new and exciting academic year, I am writing to you to welcome all our students back to KPHS and to say I am looking forward to developing even stronger partnerships with you - our parents and carers. I also extend a warm welcome to the new year 7 cohort and their families. It was lovely this week seeing our students return with happy, smiling faces (well most of them!) and all looking so proud to belong to Kingsway Park High School, dressed correctly in their uniforms.

Over the summer we were able to celebrate the successes of those students who completed their GCSEs and have gone on to their next steps to college, apprenticeship or employment.  Many of our students secured excellent academic results which are important to them and the school.  We are however equally proud of the development of the wider skills, manners and traits that our students leave us with which set them up for their lives ahead as socially responsible citizens.

At the end of last academic year, I shared with you the idea of “The Kingsway” -  the way we do things around here.  This focuses on the key expectations and relationships that we need to develop within our school community to ensure World Class Learning for all our students.   I shared the following image that exemplifies this

From a parental perspective we need your support in the following three key areas to make this a reality:

Effective co-operation and communication

  • To attend events, parents' evenings, meetings etc
  • To sign up to our communication systems and regularly check website and social media channels
  • To use resources available at school
  • To ask for help/advice if required

Mutual respect

  • To value us as professionals and we will value your contribution as parents
  • To challenge us appropriately
  • To provide constructive feedback to us knowing your views will be listened to
  • To trust and support us knowing that we are acting with your child’s best interests at heart


  • To be proud of our school
  • To be proud to send your child to KPHS
  • To recommend the school based on your child's and your own experience

Since becoming the Headteacher of KPHS in January 2023, we have been working hard on the key area of behaviour and attitudes of our students.  This will remain one of our priorities for this next academic year.  Saying this, there are going to be a number of key changes to our systems and processes linked to behaviour that we will make you aware of shortly.

I am optimistic for the year ahead and know that it is going to be filled with enjoyment, hard work and humour. If you have any questions about the school or anything else related to your child at the start of term, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01706 716761 or


Your faithfully




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