End of Term

July 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

As we approach the end of the academic year and my first 6 months as Headteacher at Kingsway Park High School, I am left feeling optimistic regarding the future of our school.

We have moved so many things forward in this time:

  • Suspensions and incidents related to assaults have reduced
  • Truancy and punctuality have improved
  • Attendance remains at national average
  • Y11 have successfully completed their GCSEs
  • Student Leadership groups have been established with the first groups of students becoming involved

Although these areas are not where we want them to be yet, it is great to see the positive direction of travel.

Our next step to improve things further is going to be focusing on "The Kingsway" - the way we do things around here.

Earlier this year when I wrote to you, I talked about the importance of partnerships and positive relationship.  The following image exemplifies how this looks in our school.


All of us need to work together having a collective responsibility for the success of the students at Kingsway.  It cannot just come from one of us, but we must all work together.  At the beginning of next year, I will write to you again to provide more clarity on what this will look like in terms of our parental partnership.  This will ensure that we start next year off strong and united together, in our relentless pursuit of excellence for your child.

All that is left for me to say is I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable summer with your friends, family and loved ones.

Your faithfully




Mr S Ward


Important dates 


Last Day of Summer Term 2023

Thursday 20th July - Students leave at 12:10pm - Grab bags for lunch are available for students to collect on exit.


First Day of Autumn Term 2023 - Staff 

Monday 4th and 5th September – non-student days - Staff INSET training


First Day of Autumn Term 2023 - Students Return  

Wednesday 6th September - Students to go to Main Hall on arrival


                                              Y7 arrive at 8:15am 

                        Y11 arrive at 11:10am


Thursday 7th September - Students to go to Main Hall on arrival


                                               Y10 - 8:20am 

                        Y9 - 9:00am 

                        Y8 - 9:30am 


Highlights from the Summer Term


Kingsway Park High School – Eid Celebrations 

Over five hundred students, parents/carers, staff, and members of the local community celebrated Eid on Friday with a wide variety of activities and events including:


  • A range of soft drinks, traditional dishes, and desserts were available provided free of charge for everyone!. These were catered in conjunction with students from Y10 who also served the guests.
  • A collection of food and toiletries for the local food banks in support of our local community.
  • A non-uniform day including some students wearing their Eid clothes – with everyone participating, donating to Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home. Approximately £400 was collected.
  • A staff vs. students rounders match starting during lunch and running into period 5.

unfortunately, this was cancelled due to the rain.


Manchester United Stadium Tour and Museum 

Ten Kingsway Avenue students with ASD, ADHD, Social Anxiety and EAL, attended a trip to the Manchester United stadium and museum.

This was an experience they will never forget, and one trip they all said they loved as it was a first ever experience for many of them and they were in awe at times.

Their behaviour was impeccable all day showing politeness, kindness and helpfulness to each other, the United staff and us.  They really exemplified what it is to be a KPHS student.


Cyber First Award 

Mr Curley, Miss Rostron and one of our students Ester, took part in an award ceremony for our Cyber First Bronze Award.  We were only one of a small number of schools who secured this award. This has demonstrated the schools focus on being Cyber secure and aware, as an organisation.


Y10 Work experience week and Network Evening 

Y10 students engaged in a week of activities including exposure to work placements, people from industries including a visit from the presenter of Newsround, Army and RAF sessions, links from the curriculum to industries and our first annual Networking Evening.  The students worked hard and took the opportunity to further their knowledge and understanding of potential career pathways that are available to them.


Rochdale School Athletic competition

Approximately 80 students from across KS3 competed in the Rochdale's School Athletic Championship.  The students' conduct and behaviour was excellent, representing the school well.  The Y8 boys secured 3 places over all for their age group.  Congratulations to all involved.


Rochdale Literature Festival

Altus Trust provided £5000 in sponsorship for the event. The school engaged in supporting the Rochdale Literature Festival with students from across all year groups performing in the "Reggie the Rocket" adaptations and a number of other students manning our school's stall which provided workshops and activities.  Students had the chance to work with authors.  The students were an excellent representation of the school, and the event further demonstrates our focus and commitment to developing literacy skills for all students.


Y10 mocks

All year 10 engaged in two weeks of Mock Examinations.  This marks an important step on their journey to success in their GCSEs.  The students took this seriously and engaged well in the exam series, demonstrating high standards throughout.


Y10 College Visits

As part of our Careers program all Y10 students visited either Hopwood Hall or Rochdale Sixth Form College for a taster day experience.  Our students represented the school well, interacting and engaging with staff and students from across the borough.  This was a really important experience to support our students in considering their future pathways.


Y11 Prom

Y11 Prom took place at the Bella Vista.  Approximately 100 students and staff celebrated the achievement of completing their GCSEs at the school.  Please review our social media channels for pictures of the event.


Y6-Y7 Primary Transition 

We have welcomed our new Y7 students during our primary transition evening and day in school.  It was lovely to start forming positive relationships with both students and parents.  I have also been privileged to visit our feeder primary schools during this half term.  It has been great to meet the various headteachers and further improve our partnerships with each school.  We can learn such a lot from our primary colleagues, and I am looking forward to strengthening our links as we move forward.


Sports Day

The whole school took part in two days of events including team and individual competitions throughout the days.  It was an excellent atmosphere and event, with the majority of students engaging in the days and conducting themselves well.


Recruitment of leadership roles within the teaching staff 

As a school we have successfully recruited to strengthen leadership for our students.  We have successful developed a team of lead practitioners and faculty leaders in preparation for September


School improvement work

A large amount of school improvement work has taken place in the summer term.  The focus has been improving our behaviour processes and T&L practice.  This will continue throughout the next academic year in our quest to secure a "World Class Learning Experience".


Southbank Centre London Trip

A group of Y8 and Y9 students attended a celebration event at the Southbank Centre in London for the 4-day project they took part in with Factory International in May/June. These students were a credit to the school and their families demonstrating excellent standards and manners throughout the day.


Liverpool Cathedral and Mosque Visit

The Y10 students who study Religious Studies as part of their GCSEs attended a trip to the countries first Mosque and a service of Mass at Liverpool Cathedral.  They were fantastic throughout the day and gained an insight that will support them in the completion of their GCSE next year.



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