End of Spring Term, March 2023

Dear Parent / Carer

As we approach the end of our Spring Term, with a large proportion of our school community embarking on Lent, Easter Celebrations or Ramadan, I felt it was fitting during this time of reflection, fasting, charity and family, to consider the ideals of resilience and hope.

I would like to start off by thanking you all for your continued support and how welcome you have made me feel during my first full term as Headteacher of Kingsway Park High School. We have seen lots of improvements at the school in terms of students’ attitude and behaviour. Where it has been most successful is where students have taken a collective responsibility for improving their own experience and the experience of others during the school day.

When we consider all our life experiences and the ups and downs we face within our lives, we sometimes forget how strong we are as individuals and as a community. A perfect example was what we all endured throughout Covid and coming out of the other side. It is easy to forget the impact and legacy of this event. We are feeling the aftermath every day at school and recognise the additional challenges that this presents for some of our students. What is important is to remind ourselves that we have the skills and experience to keep pushing and moving forward together.

We have also had some further disruptions during the Spring Term with teacher strikes and a snow day. We never take any decision lightly that impacts the learning of our students.

Although the school has attempted to offer provision and support during these times, it does not replace all of our students having access to learning in a classroom on those days.

I talk about the idea of a "relentless pursuit of excellence" as a set of behaviours, underpinning our vision for Kingsway Park. We are currently at a point where we must be relentlessly resilient to what can seem a relentless set of challenges. This will mean that as a community we will make things better for our students now, but also by providing them with the foundations for an uncertain but optimistic future.

I thought I would finish by including information relating to upcoming events and areas of focus and highlights from the past half term that recognise the school focus on developing the whole child and not just their academic potential.


A large group of Y8 students attended Beauty and the Beast at Rochdale Sixth Form College. All students in Y8 accessed our careers ‘Speed Networking’ event, giving them exposure to professionals in a range of careers. A group of Y8 and Y9 girls accessed a STEM ‘On Track’ event exposing them to the careers associate to racing. Over 20 Tickets to Manchester United were distributed to students as rewards. We have achieved the National Cyber Security Bronze Award (only 56 nationally). A selection of students attended Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s last ever performance. A group of GCSE students attended Bridgewater Hall for a music trip. A group of 5 students had the opportunity to go flying with the RAF Cadets' program. A selection of students from Y7-10 accessed our ‘Army Activation Day’ building leadership and team working skills. Our Headteachers Lunch reward was up and running with over 60 students rewarded across the term. A group of KS3 students watched the play, Noughts and Crosses. All of our students had access to Science and Engineering week activities including groups of students learning about and handling snakes, spiders, and other wiggly creatures. Finally, enrichment activities continue to take place in the Kingsway Avenue each week for our students who access this provision.

Eid celebrations.

The school are engaging in a number of activities to mark the month of Ramadan including a foodbank collection as well as several learning opportunities during “Vision” and tutor time about Ramadan and Eid, in relation to our own communities' experiences. We also provided a small gift for all students to break their first fast or to enjoy. On the 20th of April students from Y7-10 will leave early at 12:10pm to support in preparing for Eid while Y11 will leave at 1:00pm, following a special assembly before the start of their GCSE’s. We are going to finish our celebrations with an opportunity to wear Eid clothes or students' own clothes on Monday 24th April to celebrate Eid.

Y10 Parents and GCSE information Evening reminder.

Y10 parents and GCSE information evening has been rearranged to take place on Thursday 4th May between 4:00pm - 6:30pm with Y10 reports going home to parents on Wednesday 3rd May. During the evening we will also be delivering some additional support/talks to parents related to how you can best support your child during their GCSEs.

Y9 Options process.

We had 65% attendance to our Y9 ‘Parents and Options Evening’ and all, but a handful of students met the deadline for their options selection. The student choices are currently being processed and we are hopeful that the majority of students will secure most of their choices, in preparation for their GCSE’s. Students will find out which options they have been allocated in the Summer Term.

Y11 GCSE run up.

Y11 students are in their final run up to their GCSE’s. Please encourage them to attend GCSE+ lessons after school each evening as well as Easter classes (published on the website). I have also reattached the QR code for the letter relating to the Prom Passports below. This contains the minimum expectation that all Y11 students must adhere to, in order to be invited to the prom. All of these are designed to support students in being successful in their GCSE’s. The biggest difference will be the students coming into school every day, on time, ready to learn.






Passport to Prom letter

Punctuality and Attendance

Although we have the positive news that our attendance (91.6%) is above national average (90.9%) in each year group, it is still an area that we can improve on further. Please support in encouraging your child to attend school each day. It really makes a difference in terms of their learning experience and their future success. In terms of punctuality procedures, we still have work to do in improving punctuality throughout the day, but more significantly, first thing in the morning. I have attached the QR code for the letter from Mr Burns and Mrs Pottinger outlining the details of the new process and expectations in the morning. Please discuss this with your child to ensure they know and understand the expectations.






Punctuality and Attendance letter

School will finish on Friday 31st March at 2.50pm and will re-open on Monday 17th April at normal school time.

Kind regards,

Simon Ward

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