Changes in school

September 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

As mentioned in my previous letter, in our quest to create a World Class Learning Experience for all, there are some changes and some reminders I would like to explain.

  1. We are no longer using ClassCharts to log behaviour and achievements. This will be done through SIMS. You will be able to access information regarding your child’s attendance, behaviour logs and achievements through the SIMS App. We will be sending out more information about this and how you can access it very shortly.
  2. We expect the highest standards of learning and behaviour from our students. We want to promote students’ positive engagement with learning every lesson and also catch and reward those students who behave well the majority of the time. Therefore, we are changing the way we track, monitor and recognise good learning and behaviour, using a points system via the register.​​

When staff take the register at the start of the lesson they will give every student who is present a number 3. This means that they are showing active engagement in the lesson and demonstrating some of our learning behaviours.

If they then demonstrate greater engagement with learning and demonstrate more of our learning behaviours the teacher will change the 3 to a 4 or 5.​​

However, the 3 can be moved to a 2, 1 or 0 if they do not engage with the lesson and learning and disrupt other students. 0 is for a serious misdemeanour, which will result in your child being removed from the classroom and put in Reflect for a period of time. You will be notified of this.

The aim of this is to get as many points each day as possible and these points will be converted into rewards.

Register Points Description – Engagement with Learning
5 Consistently focused, prepared and engaged fully in quality learning demonstrating our learning behaviours  - sustained motivation, curiosity, communication,  resilience and confidence.

Demonstrates a passion for the lesson/learning.

Inspiring other students to learn.

A pioneer for learning, actively co-operating and demonstrating a sense of belonging.

4 Mostly focused, prepared and engaged in quality learning that shows the student is going beyond the high expectation of a 3. Mostly demonstrating our learning behaviours; co-operating with all in the lesson and demonstrating a sense of belonging.

Enthusiasm for the learning.

Mostly takes pride in their learning and their presentation of verbal and written understanding.

3 Expected active engagement in their learning rather than basic compliance.

Demonstrates co-operation with staff and students.

Some evidence of the learning behaviours.

Takes pride in their learning and presentation.

Correct equipment.

Uses manners at all times.

2 Unprepared, some lack of co-operation with teachers and other students, slow to settle to learning, failure to follow instructions consistently.

Affecting quality learning time for themselves and others.

Passive engagement in the learning activities and minimal work completed.

1 Persistently disruptive, persistent defiance and persistent disrespect for quality learning of themselves and having a direct impact on the learning of others.

Persistent disengagement with the learning activities.

0 Complete refusal to engage with the learning; complete defiance.

Serious misdemeanour/misconduct.

  1. Truancy – if your child misses valuable learning time through truanting, you will be notified via text message and an email. Your child will be emailed the work they have missed and have 24hours in which to complete this and to submit to their teacher. If they do not do this there will be an escalation of sanctions resulting in time in a catch-up after school and a meeting with yourselves and their Head of Year. Persistent truancy will result in time in Reflect, community service and ultimately suspension if they continue to truant.
  2. Uniform – if your child is not in correct uniform, we will contact you to try and correct it immediately or loan uniform to your child. Your child will not be able to attend their lessons if they are not in the correct uniform. If you have any issues with uniform, please contact your child’s form tutor.
  3. There is absolutely no reason for students to be in a toilet cubicle together and they will be sanctioned for this, if found. Students have opportunities to spend time together at break and lunchtime. This is not a change from last year, so students know this.
  4. Attendance - Regular attendance at school is not just a legal requirement but is essential for your child to maximise their learning and reach their full potential. We expect a minimum of 95% attendance and your child’s Form Tutor, Head of Year and Attendance Manager will be monitoring their attendance daily and will be in contact with you to offer support if their attendance begins to fall.
  5. Punctuality – no change from last year. Students are expected to be in school in their form rooms at 8.20am. They are late from 8.25am onwards. If your child is late during a week, they will receive a 15-minute catch-up for each day they are late. The catch-up will take place on the following Monday. If your child is late once they will receive a 15-minute catch-up, late twice = 30 minute catch-up; late three times = 45 minute catch-up and so on to a maximum of 1 hour 15 minutes catch-up for 5 days late. Late after the register closes at 9am also results in your child losing their AM mark and this has a direct impact on their attendance. We offer free breakfast to all students from 7.50am in the restaurant. 

We have so many people in school who support your children and we extend that to you as well.  We have the ambition to become a community hub which offers more than the education of our students but also offers support and opportunities for our community as a whole.  We already have a family support worker, a parent pantry (foodbank) and a safeguarding team in place to help develop wraparound care for families when they need it.  However, this is just the start, with our ongoing commitment to develop further community events, spaces, and facilities over the forthcoming year.

It is key that we work in partnership together, to ensure your child reaches their full potential this year.  Succeeding academically and socially will not happen by chance but comes from hard work, dedication and a collective responsibility. So, if there is anything we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01706 716 761 or .

Your faithfully

Mr S Ward Mrs L Pottinger
Headteacher Deputy Headteacher

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