Booster Sessions

June 2023


Dear Parent/Carer

Our Year 11 students have made a very good start to the completion of their GCSE examinations.

In order to further support them during the remaining examinations we have re-timetabled their curriculum to provide booster sessions for the remaining exams.  These can be seen on the attached timetable.

This means that the Y11s will be expected to only attend school for those booster sessions which are relevant to them as well as their remaining examinations. They will be expected to remain at home during other times and revise for their other examinations.

Your child must arrive on site by 8:50am and 12:50pm in preparation for a prompt start at 9:00am for morning exams and 1:00pm for afternoon exams. They must sign in and out of school at Student Services to ensure we know which students are in the building. The timing for the booster sessions are included on the timetable.

If your child is entitled to a free school meal, they will be able to have this during the designated lunch time or if they are not remaining on site, they can collect a grab bag from our restaurant on exit from the building.

We need your support in ensuring your child's attendance to their examinations and booster sessions alongside supporting their independent study at home during the times they are not in school.

Thank you for your support


Yours faithfully




Mr S Ward



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