KPHS Academies 2022

KPHS Academies

It is now time to launch our KPHS academies with year 9 students who might be interested in these curriculum offers for KS4.

What are academies?

  • “Schools within a school”
  • A place for you to study a specialist subject
  • A place for you to excel and feel passionate about learning
  • A place for you to be really well known
  • An opportunity for extracurricular activities including after school / weekend clubs; presentations from specialists; trips; showcase events; representing KPHS in competitions; work experience.

What are the personal development opportunities?

Each academy will have a head teacher who will teach the subject and be responsible for all of their academy students. They will support and monitor your:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Progress in ALL subjects
  • Behaviour
  • Achievements and awards
  • Your personal development and well-being

What are the KPHS academies?

What will my timetable and qualifications look like?

  • You will have a “normal timetable” with 5 hours of academy time as one of your options.
  • The lessons may be in the afternoons allowing your academy to go off-site if needed.
  • You will leave KPHS with qualifications in at least:
    1. English Language
    2. English Literature
    3. Maths
    4. Science (dual award)
    5. Science (dual award)
    6. Academy (possibility of multiple qualifications)
    7. Option subject
    8. Option subject
    9. Option subject

What are the next steps and key dates?

  • Thursday 28th April: Academy launch assembly for Y9 students.
  • Wednesday 4th May: Interested Y9 students sign up for taster lessons with tutors.
  • Monday 9th May: Academy taster lessons period 1 (VISION)
  • Friday 13th May: Deadline for Academy Applications.
  • July: Academy places and KS4 options confirmed with students and parents/carers.

What else do I need to know?

Unfortunately, academy places are limited and if they are oversubscribed, the school leadership team will use the applications as well as our knowledge of each student to offer the places.

All students with unsuccessful applications will carry on to study their original option choices and will be added to academy waiting lists should a place become available.

Kingsway Dance Academy Video

Kingsway Cadets Academy Video

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Kingsway Cadets Academy

Kingsway Dance Academy

Kingsway Cadets Academy

Kingsway Dance Academy

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