Covid Information

Covid Alerts

Due to the ever changing nature of the current pandemic and it’s effect within the school and wider community, we have created this page to assist you with information that is specific to your child’s year or class. Please click on the appropriate link below to discover the latest information:

Testing in the New Year (2022)

We will be offering Covid testing to all of our students again at the start of the new term. Students do not have to attend this in-school testing, they may choose to self test at home. We will distribute more home testing kits before the students break up for the holiday.

Students in Year 11 may attend the Sports Hall to be tested by our team on 12-2pm on Tuesday 4th January.

Students in Year 7-8 can attend the Sports Hall to be tested by our team 9-11am on Wednesday 5th Jan .

Students in Year 9-10 can attend the Sports Hall to be tested by our team 12-2pm on Wednesday 5th Jan.

If you have not given consent previously for your child to be tested you will need to accompany them on the day of testing please.

Please do not attend the testing site if you have had Covid in the past 90 days!

Advice for Parents

Please check the “What to do if” document if you have any Covid-19 questions about your child and family

Child Mental Health & Wellbeing – 10 Top Tips for Parents

Amid the Covid 19 pandemic, supporting the wellbeing of children has never been so important. As contact with parents is limited at this time, SSS Learning have produced a free Safeguarding Children 10 Top Tips Resource for Parents.

This resource is designed to offer advice on how parents can safeguard their child/ren’s mental health and promote their wellbeing and is available as a document and short video presentation.

The link to both resources is here


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