REFLECT is Kingsway Park High Schools’ Internal Suspension.

  • Reflect provides a safe learning environment separate from the main school to accommodate students on Internal Suspension. It enables students to reflect on their behaviour and provides staff and students the opportunity to attend repair meetings, to resolve any issues within class and assist in removing barriers to learning for identified students. It aims to tackle disruption, whilst reducing the need for Fixed Term Exclusions and further support students who are at risk of Exclusion.

Students will follow REFLECT expectations. They will follow a programme of study tailored to meet their needs. These include:

  • A programme of core subjects (classwork sent to REFLECT by teachers)
  • Restorative Justice/Repair Meeting
  • Head of Year intervention to reintegrate students back into learning

Reflect also offers an option to work closely with other schools, to make sure Partnership Placements are effective.

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