Year 11 PE Home Learning Overview

Students will be set a range of different home learning tasks including written work/worksheets, reading of a topic area in preparation of new learning, research tasks to consolidate learning, completion of exam questions, and revision for upcoming tests and assessments.

Home learning is set in PE to consolidate new learning and to build on current understanding of a topic are by making links between the theory content and practical sporting activities.

Home learning in PE will be set once every two weeks and students will have a minimum of 48 hours to complete the work.


If home learning is not submitted by the deadline set, a catch up with the PE teacher will be set either at lunch time or after school, the catch up will be set by the PE teacher and students will be expected to attend without question. If home learning deadlines are regularly missed, parents will be contacted to discuss concerns and possible solutions.


Outstanding home learning will be rewarded through use of the KPHS reward system as well as positive bee postcards being sent home to recognise the positive efforts of students. PE staff will also acknowledge consistently outstanding home learning through contact with parents.



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