Year 9 MFL Home Learning

Every week Y9s will receive a small crossword using words/expressions from the Y7, Y8 and Y9 core vocabulary list. The vocabulary is repeated over the term and each new term more vocabulary is added to the list. The words and expressions are not module based and therefore could be used in any class module. They appear on the GCSE core vocab list.   

At the start of the year they will be provided with the list of the Y7, Y8 and Y9 core vocabulary on a yellow sheet. They should use these translations rather than using an online translator as it probably will not give the correct translation that we are looking for.  

At the start of the term, the crossword may take up to 10 minutes; however, as the term progresses, we expect that your child becomes less dependent on their yellow vocabulary list and use their memory to complete the crossword faster. 

Furthermore, for those students who wish to challenge their selves further there are a range of exam-style questions and vocabulary building tasks on Active Learn. Their username is their school email address and they can re-set their password by clicking ‘forgot password’. Class teachers can help with login in if there are issues.  

No homework will be set over the holidays.   


Class teachers will check homework every week on a given day. If homework is not completed by the deadline, their class teacher will ask them to attend a catch-up to complete the homework. If they don’t attend their class teacher’s catch-up they will have a catch-up on a Thursday after school to complete the homework with the Curriculum Leader for MFL.  

If students repeatedly do not attend catch-ups/complete homework, parents/carers will be contacted.  


Postcards will be sent home for those students who complete the challenge homework. Furthermore, by completing homework students will feel their progress develop as they remember core vocabulary quicker and easier.  

Helpful Resources

GCSE-style vocab and exam practice questions 

Their username is their school email address and they can re-set their password by clicking ‘forgot password’ 

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