Year 11 MFL Home Learning

In Autumn term Year 11 homework will focus on the completion, the improvement and then the learning of their responses to the GCSE themed question banks. Their class teacher will set completion dates for draft copies depending on the profile of the class. In Spring Term 1, students will be given the opportunity to complete a full Speaking grade review in which it will be very apparent who has completed the required preparation for the exam. The real Speaking exam worth 25% of their total grade will be around Easter of Y11 .

After their speaking exam, homework will focus on writing and reading skills. They will receive tasks every week which will be marked in class.

For students to wish to achieve the best possible grade in their French/Spanish exam, it is strongly recommended they complete exam-style questions on Active Teach. Their username is their school email address and they can re-set their password by clicking ‘forgot password’. Class teachers can help with login in if there are issues.


Class teachers will give catch-ups to complete work not submitted.

If students repeatedly do not attend catch-ups/complete homework, parents/carers will be contacted.   


By learning their speaking preparation, students will find the speaking and writing exam much more accessible. Experience has shown that students who are success at GCSE are students who have prepared and learned their speaking responses well. 

Pupils who have made good progress in their Grade Reviews will receive postcards home in recognition of their hard work.   

Helpful Resources

GCSE-style vocab and exam practice questions 

Their username is their school email address and they can re-set their password by clicking ‘forgot password’. 

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