Year 9 History Home Learning

Autumn Term

You will be completing two homework booklets based on the topics you are

Autumn 1 – WWII and Holocaust booklet
Autumn 2 – Twentieth Century World Booklet
Spring Term – Medicine through time booklet (Sources, recap, revision)

Throughout the Summer Term you will begin to complete one revision resource per
week for your revision ring binder. You could be expected to complete any of the

Recap booklets – Content summary booklets linked to key events, people and agreements. One per topic.
Overview sheets – Simplified sheets to help students consolidate full units of work.
Flashcards – Consolidate information on key events, agreements, changes.
Gingerbread men – Used to highlight key discoveries/ involvement of key people
Concept wheels – Template given to help you summarise key information from topics studied.
Events sheets – Generic revision sheet to consolidate causes, key features, effects of key events. Exam links.
Exam questions – All students have access to a range of practice exam questions. Also used in majority of lessons to summarise content.
Timelines – Predominantly used for Medicine through time depth study. Also featured within the exam revision booklets.
Revision skills booklets – These will include a variety of source analysis and exam questions

How does it relate to class work, skills, curriculum knowledge?

  • Some of the activities will help you focus on subject knowledge
  • Some will help you focus on structure and skills (Exam questions/ source booklets)

How often will it be set?
Homework will be set once per week.
When will it be set?
Homework will be set in the single lesson you have each week.
How long will students have to complete the work?
You will have one week to complete your homework


  • Lack of homework will result in catch ups with your class teacher.
  • Consistent lack of homework will result in phone calls home.


Students who continuously hand in homework of a high standard will be sent Bee Postcards. You will also receive positive phone calls home for exceptional work.

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