Year 7 History Home Learning

What type of home learning will be set?

In Year 7 your homework will consist of 3 detailed homework booklets. You will receive one booklet per term.

How does it relate to class work, skills, curriculum knowledge?

You will have different activities within your homework booklets. Some activities will focus on historical skills (Change and continuity, source analysis etc). Others will focus on your understanding of subject knowledge (Key terms, events, dates)

How often will it be set?

You will be set homework once every two weeks.

How long will students have to complete the work?

You will have at least a week to complete your homework.

Autumn Term – Historical Skills Booklet
Spring Term – Tudor Booklet (sources/ subject knowledge)
Summer Term – Industrial Revolution Booklet (sources/local history)


1.) Lack of homework will result in catch ups with your class teacher.
2.) Consistent lack of homework will result in phone calls home.


Students who continuously hand in homework of a high standard will be
sent Bee Postcards. You will also receive positive phone calls home for
exceptional work.



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