Year 8 Geography Home Learning

In Year 8 Geography, students will receive a home learning booklet for every topic that we study: Development, Settlement, The Restless Earth (Plate Tectonics), and Weather and Climate. This home learning will provide an extension of learning in the classroom. It aims to develop the skills needed for GCSE Geography through source and data response and extended writing opportunities to key command words.

Homework will be set weekly for each Year 8 class and students will have exactly one week to complete each page of the home learning booklet. Students will close the gap on their home learning booklets within lesson launches to ensure progression and full understanding of the content.


Students who fail to complete the homework on time and in full will receive a same-day catch up with their class teacher at break, lunch or after-school.


Students who submit exemplary home learning will receive rewards through the new school reward system on Class Charts. Each class teacher will endeavour to contact home and make parents aware of any outstanding achievement in home learning for Year 7.

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