The English Department comprises of subject specialists from both Language and Literature study. We have a wide range of experience from Key Stage Three to key Stage Five. Our vision is focused on continual development. We continue to refine our practice and to discover new ways to engage and enthuse the learners in our subject area. We are a fully inclusive department and we encourage our students to learn before school, at lunch time and after school. As our evaluation forms from Year Eleven tell us: we are the department who are never too busy, never too stretched and always willing to help.

Our approach to individualised learning, together with our commitment and enthusiasm elicits strong progress. We continue to develop our approaches to teaching to ensure that our students reach their full potential.

Key Stage Three English

Curriculum Content for Y7 and Y8

Our Key Stage Three curriculum bridges the gap from primary education to GCSE. We have analysed the skills our students need for success at GCSE and beyond and we have studied the range of skills our students have covered in Year Six. This work has enabled us to create a broad curriculum that continually challenges students whilst ensuring that they gain confidence in all areas of English study. We strive to make our students become confident and mature readers. As well as building weekly reading lessons into our curriculum, we also promote reading through discussion, study and through our passionate belief that reading is the key to success in all areas of school.

Key Stage Four English

In the light of recent curriculum changes, the long term plans for GCSE courses are in the process of being edited and refined to ensure seamless continuation from the GCSE- ready phase.  Final publication of our finalised planning will be available during the summer term of 2017.  Each subject is following a GCSE specification which can be found by clicking on the link below.  The GCSE specification(s) outlines the coverage followed by our students.  Should further explanation be required, please do not hesitate to contact our Subject Leaders by telephone 01706 716761 and they will respond as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we appreciate your continued interest and support and hope that by studying the specifications alongside your child’s work that you can gain insight into the coverage undertaken.

English Language Curriculum Content for Y9, Y10 and Y11

English Language Specification PDF for Y9, Y10 and Y11

English Literature Curriculum Content, Past Papers and Mark Schemes for Y9, Y10 and Y11

English Literature Specification PDF for Y9, Y10 and Y11

At Key Stage Four we now follow the EdExcel specification for the class of 2017. This incorporates both English Language and Literature and these two elements are studied side by side. The programme of study is continually assessed and our students are closely monitored to overcome any potential barriers to their eventual success in the final Year Eleven examinations. We have a graduate tutor within the department who works with students in small groups and in one-to-one situations to consolidate class room learning. As the new exam is un-tiered we teach in mixed ability groups. It is our firm belief that all students, whatever their previous experience or ability benefit from this approach and our aim is to help our students exceed expectations.

Ensuring Success

We have the highest expectations in all areas of English. We carefully monitor the progress of each individual student throughout the school year. We have developed a system of intervention that we use to ensure our students in both Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four stay on track. Following our calendared assessment points we identify students who are perhaps struggling with certain skills. Lesson Seven is our dedicated intervention time to help these students to sharpen their skills and increase their confidence in this ever more demanding subject area.


The link(s) below contain information on revision for Year 11 for English Language AND Literature.

Y11 are expected to complete this revision, a new document will be uploaded each week.

Year 11 GCSE English Countdown Revision Week Commencing 16 March 2020

The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself

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