About Drama

We are proud to offer the following specialist facilities:

  • 2 drama studios, with full lighting rigs and sound systems
  • The auditorium has state of the art lighting and sound systems for all productions.
  • Various practice rooms and a recording rooms

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is for all students to have the opportunity to participate in Drama, developing confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence in order to become well-rounded individuals. The Drama curriculum will enable students to secure development and achievement, prepare students for life beyond exams and promote extra-curricular involvement.

Secure Development and Achievement

  • Create a culture of a love and respect for theatre rooted in self-discipline, challenge and hard work
  • An ethos of ‘The Four C’s of Drama’ Concentration, Communication, Cooperation and Creativity
  • Develop consistency in planning and delivering outstanding lessons which inspire both teacher and student to achieve high level results; resulting in a positive Progress 8 score and an outstanding department
  • Set high expectations so students are stretched and have the confidence and self-belief to achieve more

Life Beyond Exams 

Students will:

  • Develop a passion and respect for theatre, promoting a lifelong love and appreciation of the Arts
  • Develop confidence in communication
  • Become evaluative thinkers who are able to approach situations from an empathetic perspective in order to reflect and problem solve
  • Become well-rounded individuals who have experienced PSHE topics and developed British Values in order to inform future decisions
  • Develop skills which promote the Kingsway Park values of Aspire, Learn and Achieve

Promote Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

Students will:

  • Take advantage of a wide-range of extra-curricular opportunities to further develop knowledge and understanding
  • Have the opportunity to perform on a range of stages in a range of theatre styles
  • Perform regularly to live audiences to encourage parental engagement
  • Create an extra-curricular community
  • Develop high aspirations to deepen knowledge and understanding

KS3 Drama

Students explore three topics to develop their knowledge and understanding in Devising Performing and Evaluating Drama. Students explore a timeline of the history of theatre gaining knowledge and understanding in how theatre has developed from its origins through to the theatre we now know today.  Students explore skills and techniques through a range of drama styles, genres and practitioners.

KS3 Curriculum 2020

KS4 Drama

Students follow the BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts which allows students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of theatre theoretically, practically and technically. Students benefit from tailoring their learning to an acting or technical focus such as lighting, sound, costume and make-up dependent on their skills and interests.

KS4 Course Content

Students complete Components 1 and 2 (60%) in year 10 in order to focus solely on Component 3 (40%) in year 11.

 Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts (30%)

  • Students watch three contrasting live theatre performances
  • Students analyse the three live theatre performances in written format
  • Students explore the rehearsal techniques of the three live theatre performances practically
  • Students are assessed through a detailed analysis PowerPoint/Essay of the three performances

Performances studied vary year to year depending on what productions tour in the Manchester area. Previous performances have included:

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  • War Horse
  • Oh! What A Lovely War
  • Frankenstein
  • Four Minutes Twelve Seconds

 Component 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts (30%)

  • Students participate in a series of practical workshops designed to enhance their ability to explore, develop and perform a character or a technical and design aspect of theatre
  • Students work in groups to perform an extract of a script to an audience or design and operate the lights/costume/make up for a performance group
  • Students evaluate their ability to explore, develop and perform throughout the process.
  • Students are assessed through workshop recordings and write-ups, rehearsal recordings and evaluations and a final performance recording and evaluation.

Scripts are chosen to suit the needs and abilities of each student within a group. Previous scripts have included:

  • The Long Road by Shelagh Stephenson
  • Girls Like That by Evan Placey
  • Bouncers by John Godber
  • Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington

Component 3 – Responding to a Brief (40%)

  • Students work in groups of 3-7 to devise an original performance
  • Students are given a brief by the exam board with details on what to devise a performance from.
  • Students work practically and collaboratively to explore, develop and perform an original performance between 7-15 minutes in length
  • Students have 12 weeks to complete this exam with no help from the teacher
  • Students sit three 1 hour long controlled assessments in order to communicate their process to an examiner. Students can take in 4 pages of notes across the three controlled assessments.
  • Students are assessed through three 800 word controlled assessments spread out across the twelve weeks. These are titled Ideas Log, Skills Log and Evaluation.
  • Students will perform a recording of their devised performance to an audience.

Previous briefs from the exam board have included:

  • Blank Canvas
  • We Live and Learn

Home Learning Policy

Did you know evidence shows that the impact of homework, on average, is five months’ additional progress? Therefore we believe home learning should be an integral part of student development within school.

Each year group will receive one person of home learning to complete each week.

KS3 home learning will consist of researching skills/techniques, learning spellings and key vocab or collating information to develop performances.

KS4 home learning will consist of completing coursework, research or practice evaluations.

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