Graphic Communication Y10

Overall Curriculum Goals

1. Build a student’s experience of following the design process from start to finish in detail. 
2. To develop a student’s ability to identify their target market and research the work of numerous designers in detail. 
3. To build a student’s knowledge and skillset when creating hand rendered and CAD Graphics .  
4. To develop a student's confidence and creativity within Graphic Communication. 
5. To build on and develop practical skills gained during KS3 projects. 

Drinks can project 

Topic Intent:

Through this project students will develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to work confidently and independently step by step through the entire design process looking at each stage in detail. Withing this Graphic Communication project students will look at the work of key designers from the last century and gain a good insight to what exactly makes a successful piece of Graphic Design. Students will use this knowledge gained to then create their own product and advertising targeted at a key consumer market, building skills in hand rendering alongside numerous CAD programmes. This project aims to build a student's confidence in their ability to follow the design process to create a successful outcome based around a set brief. From this project students will gain and develop knowledge in common advertising strategies used within industry to engage and gain target consumers. This project will also help students to develop their time management skills by having to work thorough and complete a full comprehensive project from start to finish within set time limits.

Key Content / Skills:  

  • Why is it essential for a designer to understand every aspect of a design brief?
  • How could the work of well-known designers influence our designs?
  • What is involved in collecting primary research and why is it an important part of the design process?
  • What should a logo design include for it to be successful?
  • How can a typeface alter or effect a piece of graphic design?
  • Why do we need to create several initial ideas before creating our final piece?
  • What is a promotional item how will it help to increase sales of your drink?
  • How can you create and present your final designs successfully?
  • Why is it important to evaluate your final ideas and project?


Coursework project is marked against the following 4 assessment objectives:  
AO1, AO2, AO3, AO4 – Each Assessment Objective is work 25% (30 marks each) for a total of 120.  
AO1 - Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.​​​ 
AO2 – Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.​​​ 
AO3 –Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses. 
AO4 - Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language. 

Home Learning:

Homework is continuous throughout the length of the course as students will be working on a number of tasks within their projects.

Employability, Professionalism and Enterprise  (EPE) Links

  • Client profiling: Age, Needs, looking at existing products and client profile.
  • Exploring current and previous advertising campaigns. Who are their target audience? How have they ensured they capture maximum engagement? Are they successful?
  • Typefaces suitable for client and situation. Looking at existing typefaces used within iconic advertising campaigns.
  • Looking at the evolution of iconic pieces of design from first draft/ prototype through to final product.
  • Look at iconic pieces of Graphic Design and evaluate their success in fulfilling the original design brief.

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