MFL Spanish Y11

Overall Curriculum Goals


·         respond effectively to spoken language including more complex and extended passages, extracting information, identifying opinions and drawing conclusions.


·         initiate and sustain detailed conversations manipulating language mostly accurately, expressing ideas and justifying opinions and responding effectively to unpredictable questions

·         use mostly accurate pronunciation and intonation.


·         respond effectively to written language including more complex and extended texts, identifying opinions and inferring meaning.


·         write effectively for different purposes explaining ideas, expressing and justifying opinions and manipulating vocabulary and grammar, including some more complex language, mostly accurately.

Topic Title: 

Hacia un mundio mejor

Topic Title: 


Topic Intent:

In this module, students consider world wide issues such as ethnic shopping, environmental problems, volunteering and world events. They will build their ability to give developed, well-argued opinions on a range of topics. This module is the bridging module to A-Level Spanish. 

Topic Intent: 

To consolidate all the content of the GCSE specification and to develop exam technique

Key Content / Skills:  

  • ¿Cuál es el problema más serio en el mundo?
  • ¿Como se puede solucionar el problema?
  • ¿Qué opinas de los grandes eventos musicales/deportivos?
  • ¿Es importante ser solidario?

Possible EQs:  

‘How do I create a developed response?’

‘How do I narrate?’

‘How do I tackle AO1/AO3 questions in the TL?’

‘What exam techniques can I use in AO1/AO3 exams?’

‘How do I form the … tense?’

‘How do I describe a photo?’

‘How do I write a letter?’

‘How do I use grammar to help work out gap fill questions?’

‘How do I deal with numbers in A01/AO3?’

‘What are the little words that could make all the difference (AO1/AO3)?’

‘How do I deal with ‘inference’ in the exam’

‘What techniques can I use when translating?’

‘What are the Outstanding grammatical expressions? – Higher only’


  • Listening assessment
  • Reading assessment
  • Writing assessment
Percentage grade awarded.Completed end of Autumn 2


Students will have a full mock exam, including a speaking exam in January.  
Teacher will continue to conduct a range of assessments in class dependant on the needs of the class.  
<strong>The Speaking exam will be around Easter 
The Listening exam, Reading exam and Writing exam will be during the Summer exam series.  </strong>

Home Learning:

Students will be expected to complete their speaking prep booklets and submit typed up drafts to their teacher. The teacher will set the deadline for each of the 5 themes during the Autumn term.

Home Learning:

Students will be expected to learn their speaking prep booklets off by heart.

Students will be given a range of homework tasks dependant on the teacher current classroom focus.

Employability, Professionalism and Enterprise  (EPE) Links

  • Organisation skills: creating ordered notes of core vocabulary to support revision.
  • Communication skills: listening for detail, being able to communicate in French in a range of topic areas. 
  • Risk-taking and Perseverance: to give something a go even when we feel outside of our usual comfort zone and not to give up when faced with unfamiliar situations or vocabulary. 
  • Cultural Agility: develop our understanding and respect for other cultures and linguistic differences.
  • Attention to detail: being precise in your writing, spelling of unfamiliar words and checking grammar (particularly tenses) to ensure our work is accurate. 
  • Problem Solving: Using strategies to understand words and structures that we haven’t come across before.
  • Ability to absorb and understand complex information: memorising and using new vocabulary, grammatical structures and grasping the main idea in a piece of writing or listening. 

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