MFL French Y9

Overall Curriculum Goals

1.    To accurately recall a range of vocabulary from the GCSE theme of Identity and Culture.

2.    To develop confidence in our pronunciation and speaking skills.

3.    To improve accuracy in the perfect past tense and the near future tense

4.    To improve accuracy when talking and writing about others (3rd person singular)

5.    To consolidate our ability to write developed responses using 3 tense and giving a range of opinions with justifications.

Enrichment Module 1

Enrichment Module 2

Enrichment Module 3

Cultural Project

Topic Title: 

Qui suis-je?

Topic Title: 

Le temps de loisirs

Topic Title: 

Les jours de fêtes

Topic Title: 

Les Artists français

Topic Intent:

In this model we consolidate our ability to give basic information about ourselves, our family and our friends from the ‘Au départ’ Y7 module and using the third person singular in Y8. There is also the opportunity to become more confident using the perfect past tense and the near future tense as being able to talk in a range of tenses is vital for communication in another language. Teachers will continue working on students’ confidence in speaking and their resilience when faced with new vocabulary in French but also in English.

Topic Intent: 

This module consolidates and goes further from the Y7 module ‘Mes passes-temps’ Students will be encouraged to give developed opinions with more complex justifications rather than just an adjective. It also provides the opportunity to practise using the perfect past tense and near future tense in a topic that they will all have experienced in real life. They will also be able to give advice on internet safety and talk about the importance of reading.

Topic Intent:

This module looks at cultural festivals and celebrations which allows for students to embed their use of three tenses and opinions. It also gives the opportunity to compare UK festivals and traditions with those from the Francophone world.

Topic Intent:

This project aims to introduce a basic understanding of 3 key French artists so students can recognise key artworks. This project also starts to develop the GCSE exam technique of describing a photo using PALMWO for those students who have chosen to continue with French to KS4 and therefore acts as a ‘bridging’ module from KS3 to KS4.

Key Content / Skills:  

  • Décris -moi ta famille
  • Qu’est-ce c’est un bon ami?
  • Qu’est-ce que tu as fait récemment avec ta famille / tes amis?
  • Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire avec ta famille/tes amis?
  • Ciné-Club

Key Content / Skills:  

  • Quels sports aimes-tu?
  • Comment utilises-tu le technologie?
  • Aimes-tu lire?
  • Quelle est ta émission préférée?
  • Qu’est-ce que tu as fait le weekend dernier avec tes amis?
  • Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire le weekend prochain avec tes amis?

Key Content / Skills:  

  • Quel est ta fête préférée?
  • Qu’est- ce que tu vas faire pour célébrer?
  • Qu’est- ce que tu as fait pour célébrer?

Key Content / Skills:  

  • How do I describe a painting/photo in French?
  • Monet
  • Cézanne
  • Matisse
  • Ciné-Club


This module has two assessment points:

End of Autumn 1: Listening and Reading assessment

End of Autumn 2: Writing assessment

Percentage grade awarded.


This module has two assessment points:

End of Spring 1: Listening and Reading assessment

End of Spring 2: Writing assessment

Percentage grade awarded.


This module will be assessed as part of the End of Year assessment which covers all vocab studied so far at KPHS.

There will be three End of Year Assessments:

Listening, Reading and Writing

Percentage grade awarded.

Completed end of Summer 1, start of Summer 2


This module is not formally assessed

Home Learning:

Each week students will receive a crossword to complete in French of some core high frequency vocab. Students who do not complete their homework on time will receive a catch up from their teacher to complete the homework on the same day. Teachers will award classchart points to those who consistently complete homework on time. Each half term there is an extended cultural homework which is optional but for those students who wish to go the extra mile with their learning.

Employability, Professionalism and Enterprise  (EPE) Links

  • Organisation skills: creating ordered notes of core vocabulary to support revision.
  • Communication skills: listening for detail, being able to communicate in French in a range of topic areas. 
  • Risk-taking and Perseverance: to give something a go even when we feel outside of our usual comfort zone and not to give up when faced with unfamiliar situations or vocabulary. 
  • Cultural Agility: develop our understanding and respect for other cultures and linguistic differences.
  • Attention to detail: being precise in your writing, spelling of unfamiliar words and checking grammar (particularly tenses) to ensure our work is accurate. 
  • Problem Solving: Using strategies to understand words and structures that we haven’t come across before.
  • Ability to absorb and understand complex information: memorising and using new vocabulary, grammatical structures and grasping the main idea in a piece of writing or listening. 

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