MFL French Y11

Overall Curriculum Goals


·         respond effectively to spoken language including more complex and extended passages, extracting information, identifying opinions and drawing conclusions.


·         initiate and sustain detailed conversations manipulating language mostly accurately, expressing ideas and justifying opinions and responding effectively to unpredictable questions

·         use mostly accurate pronunciation and intonation.


·         respond effectively to written language including more complex and extended texts, identifying opinions and inferring meaning.


·         write effectively for different purposes explaining ideas, expressing and justifying opinions and manipulating vocabulary and grammar, including some more complex language, mostly accurately.

Topic Title: 

Un oeil sur le monde

Topic Title: 


Topic Intent:

In this module, students consider worldwide issues such as ethnic shopping, environmental problems, volunteering and world events. They will build their ability to give developed, well-argued opinions on a range of topics. This module is the bridging module to A-Level French.

Topic Intent: 

To consolidate all the content of the GCSE specification and to develop exam technique

Key Content / Skills:  

  • Quels sont les problèmes environnementaux?
  • Qu’est-ce qu’il faut faire pour protéger notre planète?
  • L’importance du commerce équitable.
  • L’importance du travail bénévole.
  • Quels sont les avantages/les problèmes des grands événements?

Possible EQs:  

‘How do I create a developed response?’

‘How do I narrate?’

‘How do I tackle AO1/AO3 questions in the TL?’

‘What exam techniques can I use in AO1/AO3 exams?’

‘How do I form the … tense?’

‘How do I describe a photo?’

'How do I write a letter?’

‘How do I use grammar to help work out gap fill questions?’

‘How do I deal with numbers in A01/AO3?’

‘What are the little words that could make all the difference (AO1/AO3)?’

‘How do I deal with ‘inference’ in the exam’

‘What techniques can I use when translating?’

‘What are the Outstanding grammatical expressions? – Higher only’


  • Listening assessment
  • Reading assessment
  • Writing assessment
Percentage grade awarded.Completed end of Autumn 2


Students will have a full mock exam, including a speaking exam in January.  
Teacher will continue to conduct a range of assessments in class dependant on the needs of the class.  
The Speaking exam will be around Easter 
The Listening exam, Reading exam and Writing exam will be during the Summer exam series.  

Home Learning:

Students will be expected to complete their speaking prep booklets and submit typed up drafts to their teacher. The teacher will set the deadline for each of the 5 themes during the Autumn term.

Home Learning:

Students will be expected to learn their speaking prep booklets off by heart.

Students will be given a range of homework tasks dependant on the teacher current classroom focus.

Employability, Professionalism and Enterprise  (EPE) Links

  • Communication skills: listening for detail, being able to communicate in French in a range of topic areas.
  • Risk-taking and Perseverance: to give something a go even when we feel outside of our usual comfort zone and not to give up when faced with unfamiliar situations or vocabulary.
  • Cultural Agility: develop our understanding and respect for other cultures and linguistic differences.
  • Attention to detail: being precise in your writing, spelling of unfamiliar words and checking grammar (particularly tenses) to ensure our work is accurate.
  • Problem Solving: Using strategies to understand words and structures that we haven’t come across before.
  • Ability to absorb and understand complex information: memorising and using new vocabulary, grammatical structures and grasping the main idea in a piece of writing or listening.

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