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About Computer Science and ICT

The ICT and Computing department has four well-equipped ICT suites. There are enough computers in each room to allow every student to access their own learning during the discrete ICT and computing lessons and there is a large emphasis on computing in all lessons with the aim of supporting students in their development.

Year 7 and 8

At At KS3 the ICT and Computing department aims to embed skills and knowledge in a wide range of ICT and computing capabilities including digital literacy. We start in year 7 with enhancing skills in the office suite, using word processing, presentation, publisher, spreadsheet, and database packages to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of audience and purpose through a wide range of project based learning. We quickly move on to looking at programming and computing to ensure that knowledge, skills and understanding are embedded from an early age.

ICT and Computing is fast developing in school and our aim is to offer students the opportunity to be involved in this by experiencing some elements of programming at KS3 so that they have a strong foundation for KS4 if they wish to study it.

We endeavour to make the curriculum as fun and interesting as possible with a high level of challenge. Our aim is to ensure that they develop ICT capability that is directly transferable, not only to other subjects but also to the KS4 curriculum and beyond.

Curriculum Content for Y7 and Y8

Year 9, 10 and 11

Curriculum Intent for Computer Science

We study Computer Science to help us think in a more logical way and become better at making decisions and solve problems. We learn about how the different parts of a computer work together and why they work like that. In addition, we develop skills in programming systems and start to understand how computers communicate via networks. We then look at how important Technology is in today’s society and the impact and issues that can arise from using computer systems and how to improve them.

Content of Course:

  • Computer Systems (01) – Introduces students to the parts of a computer and looks at how they work together. Investigations into how computers communicate with each other via networks. What security issues are there surrounding computer systems and technology and what is the impact?
  • Computational thinking, algorithms and programming (02) – Logic and problem solving is key to this section. Students look at different problems that can be solved using ‘computational thinking’ and apply this to everyday problems. This will help them with their programming and designing programs.
  • Programming (03) – Students will learn about programming and different programming techniques.
  • Computer systems (01) – 80 marks – 1hour 30 minutes – 50%
  • Computational thinking, algorithms and programming (02) – 80 marks – 1 hour 30 minutes – 50%
  • Programming exam – The content and weighting of this exam is currently under review.

Course link: OCR Level 1 / 2 GCSE (9-1) in Computer Science

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