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Curriculum Intent for Business Enterprise and Marketing - Years 9, 10 and 11

We study Business Enterprise and Marketing to develop a wide range of skills including communication, problem solving, presenting, and project management. Business students quickly learn to relate their subject knowledge to real life experiences and to use critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation to understand some of the business and marketing decisions we observe in our local, national, and international markets.

We hope, through studying business, our students will be better prepared for adult life by being equipped to make sensible financial decisions, identify opportunities; respond to internal and external influences; and to be more discerning in the businesses they engage with.

Content of course

Unit R064: Enterprise and marketing concepts 

  • Understand how to target a market.
  • Understand what makes a product or service financially viable.
  • Understand product development.
  • Understand how to attract customers.
  • Understand how to set up a business.

Unit R065: Design a business proposal 

  • Identify the customer.
  • Complete market research.
  • Develop a solution for a business problem.
  • Review if the business is viable.

Unit R066: Market and pitch a business proposal 

  • Develop a brand.
  • Plan, deliver, and evaluate a business pitch.


You will have 1 exam in year 11 and well as 2 coursework projects:

  • Exam 1 (40%) Unit R064: Enterprise and marketing concepts (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
  • Coursework (30%) Unit R065: Design a business proposal
  • Coursework (30%) Unit R066: Market and pitch a business proposal

Course Link: OCR Level 1 / 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Enterprise and Marketing

Student Voice

Home Learning Policy 

The home learning policy for this subject is currently under review and will be published when complete. 

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