KPHS Curriculum Principles

We are here to transform students’ lives. Kingsway Park High School is driven to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which ensures the best academic progress for all students whilst also providing all students with the same opportunities, experiences, and personal development to create true inclusion, to ensure equity, and to promote social mobility.

KPHS Curriculum Vision

We place learning at the heart of the school and through our core values of Kindness, Perseverance, Helpfulness, and Success, we strive for all our students to thrive during their time with us and to:

  • make outstanding progress in their learning, regardless of any perceived barrier.
  • be engaged in a challenging curriculum which has been crafted and well-sequenced for memorable learning experiences and opportunities to enhance learning beyond the classroom.
  • enjoy learning, with our outstanding teachers, in a mutually respectful environment which is equipped with the highest quality facilities.
  • develop as motivated and capable lifelong learners who will leave us with the attitudes, behaviours, skills, and knowledge needed for the next stage of their education, training or employment; and to contribute to society as active and healthy citizens.

The principles of Employability, Professionalism, and Enterprise (EPE) support our curriculum vision so that each lesson challenges all students to think about how their learning will support them on their journey through KPHS and beyond. Through this philosophy, we believe KPHS students will develop their aspirations and build up the resilience required to achieve their ambitious goals.

KPHS Curriculum Strategy

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to be challenging and engaging to deliver the best academic progress for all students. We have also taken great care to ensure our curriculum is broad and balanced; equitable and impactful.

The fundamentals of our curriculum strategy are:

  • Collaboration of leaders to design and implement our curriculum (at whole school and subject level) which has appropriate challenge, coverage, content, structure, and sequencing.
  • Designing and delivering the essential knowledge and skills required in preparing students for assessments.
  • Ensuring quality-first teaching takes place in everyone classroom through the ‘Kingsway Method’. This is supported by high quality staff development and training and measured through robust quality assurance.
  • Ensuring all students have access to a challenging, broad, balanced, and equitable curriculum.
  • Ensuring all students have equitable access enrichment and additional personal development opportunities.
  • Having a comprehensive understanding of all students’ strengths and potential barriers to support their access to and progress within the curriculum.
  • Acting swiftly to address literacy barriers to ensure that each student has a reading age which matches or exceeds their chronological age.
  • Measuring the impact of the curriculum through robust assessment cycles alongside dedication to continuous improvement through evaluation and evidenced-based research to inform curriculum developments.
  • Forging the highest-quality relationships with external partners to enhance our curriculum offer and enrichment opportunities.
  • Highlighting and explaining links  between each lesson and future EPE opportunities.
  • Ensuring the KPHS values of Kindness, Perseverance, Helpfulness, and Success permeate the curriculum and promote our ethos of “Aspire, Learn, Achieve”

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