Parent/Carers Question sheet

Frequently asked questions about the return of staff and students in September 

What are the expectations around masks and face coverings (updated 28 Aug 2020)?

Masks are now mandatory and should be worn by all students in our indoor communal areas (on the corridors and whilst queuing). Masks are not mandatory inside classrooms; however, if your child feels safer wearing one we support this.

Masks need to be recognised masks – not scarves or bandanas, etc. They can be either disposable or reusable cloth. Masks must be a plain colour NO patterns or slogans will be permitted.

If your child forgets their mask, they must see their year manager at their morning entrance who will provide one.

If you believe your child should be exempt from wearing a mask in communal areas please contact SENDCO on to make arrangements.

What will happen at break and lunchtimes (updated 28 Aug 2020)? Different year group bubbles will have their lunch and break at different times.  This will allow for more social spacing and will avoid ‘year bubbles’ mixing.

We encourage students to bring their own breaktime snacks or take their food to eat in the school yard (litter must go in bins).

For a hot lunch, students will queue in the restaurant along the windows. For cold sandwiches/salads, students will queue around the side of the hall. There are social distance markers on the floor and students should wear their mask.

How will you keep my son/daughter safe?  As a school we have done a lot of planning to make sure that your child and staff are really safe in school.  Students will be in ‘YEAR BUBBLES’ and will NOT mix with other year groups apart from quickly passing them on the corridors to go to their lessons.  Every year bubble will have a different time of starting and finishing school each day and will have their breaktime and lunchtime at different times; so that different year groups do NOT mix.  There are lots of sanitising stations around the school site and in every teaching space there are cleaning and sanitising products.  Staff and students are expected to sanitize and hand wash frequently throughout the school day.  To reassure your child, they will have an opportunity to sanitise their own working areas before they start every lesson.  There are lots of signs and stickers around school reminding staff and students and there are 2M social distancing stickers on all floors.  The Cleaning and Site team will be regularly and thoroughly cleaning the site throughout the school day.  At the end of every school day, the whole site will be thoroughly deep cleaned ready for the next day.

What happens if my child feels unwell during the school day?  They will be sent to the medical room and seen by Mrs Nelis.  She will then assess if it is COVID related or not.  If it is COVID related, then we have created a special ‘holding’ area’ whilst we contact parents to collect their child.  As a parent, you will then be expected to arrange a COVID test for your child and keep the school informed of the outcome of this test.  Until the outcome of test is known, we will NOT expect your child to be in school.  Mrs Nelis will contact you regularly to check on the welfare of your child.

What happens if another person in school has tested POSITIVE for COVID?  The school will deal with it following the Government guidelines and will make sure that ALL staff and students who have been in contact with this COVID person is informed and advised as to what to do.  Where there are known confirmed cases, then students and staff will be asked to self-isolate for a given period of time.

Does my child need to wear FULL school uniform?  Yes, ALL students are expected to wear their FULL uniform every day.  If they have a PE lesson that day, then they MUST wear their PE kit for that day.

What equipment does my child need to bring into school?  Your child will be expected to bring all of their normal school equipment to school including a school bag.  They will NOT be allowed to share their equipment with others.  They will also need to bring in their own water bottle (NO fizzy drinks are allowed) and it would be really helpful if they could bring in their own hand sanitisers.

How will staff teach lessons?  Teachers will ALL teach from the front of the class and be at least 2M away from students.  All students will face the front of the classroom

What kind of learning experience will my child have?  We want ALL students to have access to normal lessons and their normal school timetable.  We want students to get back into the habits of learning and access new subject knowledge and consolidate on any learning done during the lockdown.

How will my son/daughter enter and leave the school building?  To allow for social distancing, some year groups will enter and leave the school building via the school gates on Stiups Lane and other year groups will enter and leave through the main student entrance.  You will be informed WHERE we expect your child to enter and leave the building from.  Year bubbles will enter and leave the school site at different times to avoid the mixing of year groups.

How can my child sanitise/ wash their hand during the school day?  Around the school site there are lots of sanitisers and students and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands as much as possible throughout the school day.

What happens if my son/daughter needs the toilet during the school day?  As normal, unless there is a medical need they will NOT be allowed to go to the toilet during lessons.  They can access the toilets at the start and end of school, breaktimes and lunchtimes.  There will be staff on toilet duty to reinforce expectations regarding social distancing, sanitising and thorough hand washing.

How will I pay for school dinners?  This MUST be done through PARENTPAY ONLY.  Students can NOT bring money into school for food.  If you can NOT remember the log in details for ParentPay, then you need to contact as soon as possible.  If you are a NEW Year 7 parent, you will shortly receive information from school as to how you can access ParentPay.

What happens if I want my child to bring in their own food to eat at break and lunchtime This is perfectly acceptable.

What happens if my child has a PE lesson that day?  Your son/daughter MUST wear their SCHOOL PE kit for that day.  This means that they do NOT have to change into their PE kit for their PE lesson.

How do I drop off or collect my child from school each day?  Make sure that you know the staggered start and end times of the school day for your child.  Do NOT come onto the school site including the car park (unless your child has a disability) and make sure that you keep your social distance at all times.  Ideally, parking further down the road and expecting your child to walk to your car would be the best option.  Try and encourage your child to walk or cycle to school.

Does my child need to attend school?  YES, we expect ALL students to be in school UNLESS there is a medical reason, or they are isolating due to COVID.  If as parent, you have been classed as a ‘shielder’ we will still expect your son/ daughter to be in school EVERY day.  This is because we have put stringent measures in school to reduce the risk of infection to your child.

What if I have children in different year groups?  Unfortunately, your child will ONLY be allowed on site at the agreed time for their year group.  The staggered ‘year bubble’ times are about 15 minutes apart, so your child will be expected to wait away from the school site keeping their social distance from others until the correct ‘year bubble’ time.

What happens if I want to come into school to speak or meet with a member of staff?  This is NOT ideal.   Where possible, the conversation needs to be done over the phone.  If it is really necessary to have a face to face meeting, then when a parent/carer does come into school social distancing will be in place as well as sanitising and cleaning procedures.

What happens if I want to collect my child from school for an appointment?  Ideally, appointments need to be made OUT of school hours.  If this is NOT possible or it is an emergency, then your child can be collected from the main Visitor’s reception.

What happens if my son/daughter is late or misses their staggered start time?  This should rarely happen, but if it does then they will need to wait at the Stiups Lane entrance, or the student entrance and a member of staff will give them permission to enter when it is safe to do so.  If they are really late, then they will need to enter though the main visitors’ entrance and be signed in at Student Services by the Student receptionist.

What is the best way for my child to travel to school?  They need to keep their social distance from friends and ideally walk or cycle to school.  If they are coming by bus, then they MUST wear a face covering whilst on the bus and keep away from other passengers.  We do NOT recommend coming by car with other children from other households in the same car.

What happens if there is fire alarm during the school day?  The priority is to get ALL of the students and staff out of the building as quickly and as safely as possible.  This will mean that they will need to follow the normal fire evacuation procedures and leave the building in single file and line up at the muster point on the 3G football pitches.  Staff will supervise and where possible encourage students when they are outside of the building to social distance as much as is possible

What will happen if it rains at break or lunch? Unfortunately, we do not have any available indoor space for students if it rains. Please check the weather forecast.  Students will need to bring a coat to keep dry when outside and their own plastic bag to store a wet coat.

The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself

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