Dear Parent/Carer,

It has been a pleasure to welcome the students back for the summer term and to have had a relatively “normal” experience so far! I have to say a big thank you to all those of you being really careful to keep your child off if they have any symptoms, this is making a huge difference as it means we can avoid bubble closures. In usual times of course I might not be saying this, but right now, if you are in doubt and they have even a mild cough, a high temperature or loss of taste or smell, please keep them at home and ring us for advice. You can use the Lateral Flow Tests we supply for use at home, or you can still book a PCR test at the testing sites. We have come so far now, let’s keep making sure we isolate possible cases and reduce the spread and the impact on others of bubbles closing.

**SCHOOL CLOSURE FOR EID –  Thursday 13th May 2021**:

As you know, Eid is coming up mid-May and is likely to fall on the 13th or 14th May. When the term dates were set for this year there were exams planned for those days and so no closure was confirmed; however, we have got one “spare” INSET day to use up this year and I think, after the year we have all had, that we should use this day on 13th May, which is the date I am finding the greatest consensus around as the likely day for Eid to fall. This means that on this day we will be closed to all students, allowing our Muslim families to have that time at home to celebrate without worrying about missing lessons. I understand there will be some for whom Eid will be celebrated on 14th May (Friday) and I will authorise that absence too as long as it is for Eid. It is important to add that I must ask you to continue to observe the restrictions in place on gatherings to avoid any spikes in covid cases afterwards – but all of us at KPHS want you to be able to have this time together in your family bubbles without worry.

Y11 Parents: If you are a parent of Y11 I want to say again how impressed I am with their resilience – in the majority of cases they are doing so well. I have emailed them this week to let them know that and also to tell them that next week in Vision on Wednesday afternoon we will share with them the practical information about their leaving date and what will happen next. We have deliberately not rushed to confirm a leaving date so that they stay focused on being with us and using their time well and I have to say they have done that. In due course we will also share with you the process we will use to ensure our grades are submitted fairly, something we must submit to the JCQ this week, so you can have confidence in the grades awarded. Finally on this – I will just add that they are starting to feel the pressure a bit; please remind them that it is so important to maintain their patience in these last few weeks. We cannot have those that want to use every last minute being disrupted by others – and there will be consequences for any who cannot respect the need of most to use this time well.


To all our parents, a reminder that the summer polo shirt is now allowed, but they must still have their blazer. They can still bring their blue hoodies for warmth while all our windows are still having to be open and it isn’t quite summer yet – but, after the half term break they will not be allowed hoodies any longer, so do warn them…


Now that we have had the students back for a couple of weeks I want to ask for your support in reminding them that we don’t allow mobile phones to be visible in school, nor headphones. While they may be useful for online learning they are a huge distraction for in-person learning. If we see their phone, or headphones, it will be confiscated for this reason.

Finally, to all of you, thank you for your ongoing support of us and the students at what remains a difficult time, I know.

Keep safe,

Yours sincerely

Jenny Langley

The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself

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