In these trying times of COVID 19 where normal support mechanisms are not available at school we can offer you access to the following:

Student letter May 2020 – What’s Next?

Domestic Abuse Service


  • Rochdale Victim Support: Support for  male and female victims, currently offering telephone support including safety planning: Call 07944 665 212 or email
  • Safenet: Refuge (women only) and Outreach support (men and women). Accepting referrals to both services, currently offering telephone support and safety planning for outreach: to refer call 0300 303 3581
  • Rochdale Connections Trust: Support for victims, children and male perpetrators who want to address their behaviour), group-work cancelled, office open and accepting referrals: call 01706 345 111
  • Rochdale Women’s Welfare: Office currently closed – will be reviewed next week
  • Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline: Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm 0161 636 7525




  • National Domestic Violence Helpline: 24 hour helpline 0808 2000 247
  • Karma Nirvana-Honour Network Helpline: For forced marriage and “honour” based abuse 0800 599 9247
  • Broken Rainbow: helpline for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans victims 0300 999 5428
  • Men’s Advice Line: helpline for male victims 0808 801 0327
  • Respect: National helpline for perpetrators who want to change their behaviour  0808 802 4040
  • Childline: Helpline for children and young people 0800 1111


Social media posts for domestic abuse campaign targeted at young people

Living with violence at home? Lockdown does not prevent you leaving home for your safety. Agree a safe word/emoji with a friend who can help 👭

You can also get help online #RochdaleWithoutDA

If you’re living with violence at home and something happens and you need to leave home, it’s important to talk to the police. Telling them you’ve left home and that you don’t feel safe will help them to support you #RochdaleWithoutDA

Check in on your friends during lockdown, they could be struggling with their mental health or living with unhealthy relationships at home, including domestic violence. Be the mate you’d want 👬 #RochdaleWithoutDA

If you’re living in a household that has violent relationships then lockdown will be really tough and you might not want to tell your friends. If you want to talk to someone anonymous then you can contact a local support service from @PennineCareNHS

📱 0333 200 4339



If you’re living with violence at home between your parents / step parents, remember you’re not alone. The abuse is not your fault and there are many in your situation. People are still here to help you, contact Childline can help #RochdaleWithoutDA

Rules of lockdown DO NOT apply to anyone fleeing domestic abuse you CAN breach lockdown rules to seek support. Domestic abuse services are here to support you on the phone, online, web-chats and email support, find out more at #RochdaleWithoutDA

If you’re living in a household with unhealthy relationships and violence then it’s important to make a safety plan. Police and council staff are available to support you if you need to leave

If home life makes you feel anxious or scared then people can help. Police want to know if you feel unsafe due to violence at home so they can help you. You can talk about how home life is impacting you to Healthy Young Minds on 01706 676000 #RochdaleWithoutDA

If you’re a young person living with violence at home, you’re not alone. There are many in your situation and it’s important to remember that the abuse is not your fault. People are still here to help you, contact Childline can help #RochdaleWithoutDA

If you’re living in a violent household and are in immediate danger please ring 999 for the police 📱 If ringing from a mobile and unable to speak you can press 55, this will indicate to the operator that police assistance is needed #RochdaleWithoutDA

Living in lockdown with parents/step parents who are violent to each other can be scary. You may want to try and stop the fighting or run away. The most important thing is you being safe. Police & council services are here to help #RochdaleWithoutDA

Violence in a household doesn’t necessarily come from adult parents/carers it can be between siblings or half-siblings. We can help if being at home with violence is making you feed scared #RochdaleWithoutDA

Sisters and brothers argue and bicker, but when it goes beyond that you need to tell someone. You shouldn’t be living with violence from a sibling that makes you feel scared and unhappy. Talk to a trusted adult or visit #RochdaleWithoutDA

Sibling violence when harmful is classed as domestic abuse so you can seek support. Talk to a trusted adult or visit #RochdaleWithoutDA


From Monday 23rd March Rochdale Foodbank will only open Monday – Friday 12noon -1pm. We are unsure how long these hours will be in operation but will of course keep you informed.

Self-care is about the things we can do to look after our own mental health


Kooth is:
• Safe, confidential, anonymous
• Free at the point of need
• Available through a smart phone, tablet or computer
Kooth helps to reduce wait times for young people seeking help and removes stigma around mental health. Kooth integrates with face-to-face local services to ensure a seamless transition for young people.
XenZone’s team of accredited counsellors, therapists and support workers provide guided, outcome-focused help for each individual.
XenZone works with local authorities, CCGs, mental health trusts, charities and other organisations to provide early intervention support with clear escalation and de-escalation pathways.
We take safeguarding and clinical governance extremely seriously. The safety and well-being of our users is of our upmost priority.


Kooth and Exam Results Support

In light of recent news that many exam results are expected to be lowered, this campaign around managing wellbeing and accessing support during results period should be really valuable for many young people.

Some members of the Kooth team will also be sharing their advice and experiences from 10th to 20th August on our Kooth social media.

kooth_uk Instagram

@XenZone_UK Twitter

XenZone Facebook

XenZone LinkedIn

You can also access our Kooth exam support posters by clicking here.

Finally, we will be hosting a Live Forum on the Kooth site on 14th August called ‘Exam Results; What’s next?’.


Emotional health and wellbeing support only available currently by calling 0161 716 2844

Staying Safe Online

We have come across an app this morning called ‘zipit’ which enables young people to respond with a funny comeback via GIF’s predominantly if someone is requesting/pressuring them to send nude images. It is available on Android Smartphones and I Phones via Google Play and the Apple app store and is free to download.

Obviously this does not replace any safeguarding processes where applicable but is good to help empower young people to navigate this particular minefield.


Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Childrens Partnership

Complex Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHASH) 0300 303 0440  out of hours emergencies 0300 303 8875 or email:


In this crisis, teens and young adults sent home from college pose different challenges for families than young children who need to be occupied and reassured. For starters, families are reporting problems persuading their older children to comply with social distancing rules. Combine the teenager’s innate sense of invulnerability, their intense focus on peers, and the fact that the virus is less likely to harm them, and you may get a lot of pushback.

This week on we talk to our experts about this and other issues affecting teenagers and young adults, including those who are depressed or anxious, disappointed about missing important milestones in their lives and worried about their futures.

And in another new piece we offer steps you can take to ensure your own well-being during this crisis — self-care that will benefit your whole family by helping you stay strong.
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Early Break

In reponse to COVID-19, we are now offering support to young people affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse and/or parental imprisonment.  As part of our family services we are offering support to children and young people who are being affected by a parent’s drug or alcohol misuse.
In addition, we are also providing support to young people who have a parent in prison. If you know a young person affected by these issues please contact your local team on the numbers below.

BURY: Julie 07732685461 / Vicky 07702812998
ROCHDALE: Ashleigh 07714246381 / Gemma 07732685456
BOLTON: Gemma 07732685456 / Denise 07841151835
SALFORD: Shauna 07808028077 / Amy 07841362469
TRAFFORD: Jessica 07732685450 / Hannah 07724700233
HOLDING FAMILIES+: Adebola 07872964407
(covering all areas) Georgina 07724700237






The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself


The school gave my son all of the help & support that he needed,which has made him much more confident in himself

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